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We warmly welcome you to learn about CIS, our little community of staff, parents, and students, and the vision that connects us all.


Our aim is to offer our learners a broad learning experience both academic and extra-curricula. Our faculty are equal to the task, they’re made up of broad-minded individuals from all walks of life. Their diverse culminated exposure lends well to the child’s holistic development.


At any given time, our students are made up of multiple nationalities. They bring diverse cultures and perspectives to the school. There is not better way to express the influence this has on them than through the words of Confucius, “If three walk  together, one can be my teacher”. We are proud of our little open minded world citizens.


The parents are resolute about their children’s learning. They make up a committee which is involved and always ready to jump into action when the need arises. Outside of the committee, the teachers and parents form a great team to support the development of every child.


Our aims are simple, we aim to promote creativity, social and emotional growth, the health and physical development of each student.


Come by, or contact us to find out how you can contribute to the CIS vision.

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