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Message from the CIS Principal

Learn to love, love to learn


Greetings and welcome to the website of the Chinese International School in Zambia (CIS). CIS is situated on a beautiful campus located at #12 Lagos Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka.

CIS is a non-profit, co-educational day school (Early Childhood through to Grade 9). We are a member of the Independent Schools Association of Zambia(ISAZ). CIS follows the Zambian Syllabus, supplemented by Oxford textbooks. All core curricula are taught in English, while Mandarin is a compulsory second language subject. We also have on-going extra-curricula activities every afternoon, as well as weekends. These programs revolve around creative arts, STEM, critical thinking, etc. programs and are taught by internal staff and part-time teachers.


CIS possesses a compelling vision and mission that calls for a commitment to inspire students to achieve academic excellence and become effective communicators, wise decision makers, lifelong learners and open-minded world citizens. A talented faculty strives to realize this vision by creating an environment that promotes intellectual challenges, emotional and social development, and physical well-being. We have an average staff to student ratio of 1:5. Working in partnership with parents, CIS encourages students to pursue academic excellence and to develop an appreciation for and understanding of Zambia and the diversity of more than ten nationalities represented in the CIS community.

A major challenge for all schools is to ensure students learn the skills they will need to live and work in a world that is increasingly global and ever more technologically advanced.


CIS is very much on the move. We embrace the opportunities that change offers , move from content driven to skills based learning and help students to become self-engaged, life-long learners, and respond to rapidly changing world with thoughtful and innovative actions to ensure every student achieves his/her personal and academic potential.

I hope that you will want to discover more about the Chinese International School.

I look forward to meeting you should you come to visit us.



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Our Motto

Learn to love, love to learn

Our Mission

To maintain an environment that promotes creativity, intellectual challenge, social and emotional growth, healthy and physical development of each student. To prepare students to be effective communicators, wise decision makers, long-life learners, and open-minded world citizens. 

Our History

Since its inception in 2009, CIS has been a hub of cultural exchange for our diverse staff and students. Here are some landmark moments in our school’s history:


2007 -  Chinese Community School, with the goal of teaching Mandarin to native Chinese children living in Zambia.

2007 建立华文社区学校,旨在为在赞华裔子女提供学习中文的环境和平台。 


2009.3 - Chinese International School in Zambia (CIS) was officially registered; its objective was to introduce Chinese Language and Culture to the general public. 


2009.9 - Chinese International School in Zambia (CIS) launched its official opening ceremony.


2010 - Preschool and primary school were established.

2015 - Awarded the Mandarin Education Model School by Chinese Language and Education Foundation of China


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