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Primary (小学部)

Pile of Books

Many of our preschoolers continue on into Primary school.


Our primary school follows the Zambian syllabus with a bit of a twist, including compulsory Mandarin classes three times a week and Kung Fu as part of P.E class. Through cultural exposure, we endeavor to double your child’s world. We do this by means of extracurricular activities which include  clubs, field trips, competitions, fairs, theater plays and Chinese festivals.


The pupils' reading program begins in Pre-school and continues through to their grade 7 graduation, offering a variety of English and Chinese literature from our respective English and Chinese Libraries.

We are proud to maintain a 100% pass rate for Grade 7 National Exam results. In fact, our pupils do more than just pass--we maintain a 98% distinction rate. In 2021, our average score was 775, and our highest score was 838.

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